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Aditus Network is the World's First Luxury Access Service for Crypto-affluents

Through a seamless integration of both blockchain technology and a platform that takes into account the needs of both users and merchants, Aditus Network is the first platform to unlock the luxury lifestyle for crypto-currency users. Through Aditus, crypto-affluents can access Smart Invitations from luxury merchants to enjoy their products, services and establishments.

These Smart Invitations are based on Ethereum smart contracts, which on the Aditus platform allow users to receive offers and information that match both their personal preferences as well as targeting requirements of luxury merchants. The invitations also offer reward tokens to users for engaging with the merchant before purchase.

Aditus will set up payment gateways for its partner merchants, thus enabling users to pay with a selection of crypto-currencies via the Aditus app.

According to Aditus Co-Founder Julian Peh, "We first noticed increasing numbers of crypto-affluents at our luxury events, all desiring better access to the luxury lifestyle. We quickly discovered that this group of wealthy individuals has distinct needs, including privacy and ease of transactions. We also saw that our clients within the trillion-dollar luxury-lifestyle industry were keen on serving this new group of customers but did not know how."

Who are 'crypto-affluents'?

The total market capitalisation of all crypto-currencies has increased from USD 12 billion just 12 months ago, to USD 200 billion today. It is probably the best performing asset class in the last two years. This huge increase has minted a significant new group of affluent people who hold a lot of their new wealth in crypto-currencies.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all crypto-affluents are programmers. The space is extremely vibrant and fast-moving and has drawn many new participants from bankers to professionals, as well as others. There are many different ways in which crypto-affluents created their crypto-wealth, from holding to trading to initial coin offerings (ICOs).

What is clear is that with the continued influx of capital into crypto-currencies, crypto-currency values and the numbers of crypto-affluents will continue to increase. This is a new community of potential customers that luxury merchants simply cannot afford to ignore.


Aditus continues to partner with complementary and leading crypto-currency companies to best service their clients. Three recent partnerships include Digix Global, Pundi X and Kyber Network.

The gold standard in distributed ledger technology, Digix Global and Aditus are partnering to offer holders of DGX tokens special access to luxury privileges and promotions on the Aditus platform. In addition, Digix Global will make available to Aditus users DGX 2.0 tokens as a rewards currency, given by merchants to customers who reach consumer engagement milestones.

Pundi X aims to make buying cryptocurrency as easy as buying a bottle of water. Through a recent Aditus and Pundi X partnership:

- Aditus tokens will be accepted by Pundi X point-of-sale (POS) devices
- Aditus will help roll out Pundi X POS devices
- The two companies will offer co-branded Pundi X cards to members
- Aditus will create a special rewards program for Pundi X token and card holders.

Aditus has just announced a partnership with Kyber Network to offer exclusive luxury privileges and promotions to early investors, and to Kyber Genesis token (KGT) holders on the Aditus platform at discounted rates. Kyber Network is a decentralized and trustless exchange that facilitates instant conversion of crypto-assets with guaranteed liquidity. Holders of KGTs represent close to 40,000 pre-sale investors in the Kyber Network and its Kyber Network Crystals (KNCs).

About Aditus Network
Aditus, which means 'access' in Latin, is the first platform that connects the luxury lifestyle and crypto-affluents, by integrating smart contracts, payment gateways and strong privacy protection technologies into a single platform on the blockchain. The Aditus platform is decentralised, where data is controlled by users, who in turn receive rewards via Aditus tokens. By downloading the Aditus multi-currency wallet, users can choose between three types of membership (gold, platinum and diamond) and the crypto-currency of their choice to access all types of luxury products. Luxury offerings include villas and hotels; shopping; personalised travel experiences; yacht charters; private functions and events; vehicle rentals; concierge services; emergency evacuation; and other special products. The Aditus Foundation, which holds frequent luxury events, is part of a long-term plan to not only acquire users for Aditus, but to play a part in encouraging awareness and adoption of both crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies. Aditus will be organising an Initial Token Sale on 30 November 2017. Please see for further information.

SOURCE Aditus Network

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