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Agrello homesteads on Ethereum, but remains compatible with other ecosystems

As a result we invested considerable efforts to keep our product as blockchain agnostic as possible — leaving infrastructural choices in the hands of the end user, while allowing the implementation of Agrello on multiple public and private Turing-complete blockchains.

Nevertheless, every aspiring endeavour needs a stable homebase, and for us the choice is easy. The Ethereum ecosystem is the best established blockchain community out there, and serves as an attractor to world-class talent from across the industry. This is not only true in terms of technical development and entrepreneurial potential, but also in terms of organizational maturity and the ability to cooperate with regulators and legacy organizations to drive blockchain adoption mainstream.

Operating at the intersection of the legal system, financial institutions and disruptive technologies, Agrello is highly dependent on the establishment of good industrial relationships with the off-chain world. We regard the work done by the Ethereum foundation on this matter as invaluable, and seek to be an active player in the field, lending our hand to promote this effort even further.
How to build on Ethereum while remaining open to other ecosystems

In comparison to many other blockchain projects, Agrello is relatively complex and computational-resource intensive. Agrello employs Artificial Intelligence modules, graphical interfaces, and text-to-code compilers, which will naturally have to operate off-chain. The function of the blockchain in the Agrello system is mainly as a record-securing device. Proofs of performed obligations, hashes describing Agrello smart agreements, and logs of activity are stored and time-stamped on the blockchain, providing the immutability the Agrello system demands, while the rest of the system can securely run on the client side.

Most of the smart contract blockchains currently on the market are able to fulfill these requirements. With a few tweaks here and there, Agrello can easily be ported from chain to chain. For the reasons stated above, however, the Agrello prototype will be developed for the Ethereum ecosystem and operate on the basis of a Ethereum token, essentially backed by Ether.

Additionally supported platforms

It is important for us to emphasize that Agrello believes in a multi-chain future, featuring healthy and competitive crypo-markets. Different chains will probably serve different use cases and individuals, and have varying prominence on different markets across the globe.

Metaverse, Antshares, Lisk, Qtum, RSK, Ethereum Classic and NEM are only an excerpt from a long list of blockchain projects Agrello is investigating for future compatibility. We are already in contact with representatives of many of these organisations and report fruitful cooperation so far.

Additionally, announcements on exciting partnerships will soon follow, so stay tuned here on our blog, subscribe to our newsletter, and join us on Slack or Telegram. Our team members will be glad to answer all your questions.

The Agrello Team

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Mercredi 28 Juin 2017