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AirNodes now ready to launch an ICO to hit the B2C market with its smart mirror

AirNodes, a French startup specialized in IoT, announces an innovative crowdsale launch via the blockchain to crowdfund its successful smart mirror in B2C market.

The French company made up of 4 engineers, who worked for companies such as Alstom, is at the heart of innovation. Specialized in IoT devices, they designed and built a smart mirror in 2016, already available for sales in B2B market.

Anna, the smart mirror, is not a mere mirror, it’s a real tool, making communication easier and more efficient. «Since we furnished our venues with Anna mirror, customers are delighted to find the information they need at the time they need it. It completely changed the way our brand communicates with our customers and it’s a real step of customer journey.» says Thomas Capezzone - Owner of K2 Palace.

Following their success in B2B, AirNodes wants to go further and wants to hit the B2C market, making the mirror available to everyone. Quentin NIGI, chief communications officer for AirNodes says «we are convinced smart mirrors will be in each and everyone’s house in the next couple of years. Some basic kind of smart mirrors are available on B2C market, but Anna mirror is much more convenient and smarter than any other on market products. Thanks to our skills and knowledge we have the opportunity to hit the market with an innovative product which proved to be working very well». Indeed Anna outperforms all kind of available smart mirrors because it’s fully customizable, and your imagination is its only limit.

To hit the market hard and fast, AirNodes launch an ICO, starting from October 10TH. The company decided to make this crowdsale via the blockchain because it’s a way of raising funds, but beyond that, «we are hoping it can kickstart a new approach for working with developers who build apps & services which might be embedded into our mirrors. We also believe it is a way for the final consumers to define the value of our core proposition, instead of banks or financials and it would be the very first time the blockchain would crowdfund a real and tangible product» says Kevin Bleniat CEO for AirNodes To do that, AirNodes will create ANNA, a coin currency that will serve the cryptocurrency community to buy AirNodes’s mirror or other products or services.

Anna mirror for consumers is expected to hit the market in December 2018. This might be the gift everyone would like to get for Christmas.

About AirNodes: Founded in 2015, AirNodes is a French company specialized in designing IoT (Internet of Things) projects. Its main mission is to design devices making companies and everyone’s lives easier, since the founders believe IoT can definitely change the world.
From smart sensors to B2C IoT products, AirNodes use its knowledge in hardware, software and UXD (User eXperience Design) for their customer to dive into IoT with peace of mind. The team specializes in the most ultimate fields empowering the IoT world : embedded software development and hardware design. All of its engineers are former Alstom Transport & Grid employees. AirNodes offers a flexible and experienced service supplementing expertise gaps or providing competitive and reliable solutions.

About Anna: Anna is the very first smart mirror entirely customisable, designed and built by AirNodes. It is not a mere product, it improves communication penetration and efficiency. It’s now been available for sales for professionals since December 2016. Since AirNodes designed & built it they are able to customize it at will. A back office interface is available to monitor and drive the mirrors.
Anna mirror is already up and running in various hotels and some other projects are in study currently.

About the ICO: This ICO launches is scheduled to run from 10TH October 2017 until 1ST December 2017 included.
This would be the first time a cryptocurrency crowdsale would raise funds for a real and tangible product dedicated to be launched in the consumer market.

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