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Announcing IBM Blockchain on Fabric 1.0 Beta

April 5, 2017 | Written by: Steve Cerveny.

Steve Cerveny
Steve Cerveny
Today we are launching a new limited beta of IBM Blockchain based on the rapidly maturing Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 codebase. This beta plan will be available alongside the existing 0.6 plans in Bluemix for now while the community hardens Fabric 1.0. During the beginning of this transition period, we will also run the beta as a “limited beta” and limit the creation of new 1.0 networks.

This Blockchain-aaS takes you from Pilots to Large Scale Production

This beta marks a significant step forward in the evolution of IBM Blockchain. Read more about the top 6 features of Fabric 1.0. We’ve also added brand new tools including the Network Bootstrap tool and the Network Governance tool. In addition, the new BCaaS:

- is Distributed. The member organizations that make up your business network all provision peers and fabric-ca’s from within their own Bluemix account. This gives each member control over their own set of resources. But the management of the network is distributed across the owners according to the Governance Policies configured.

- scales out. It is fundamentally architected to scale–both in terms of membership and in terms of transactions. Membership can grow elastically over time as your blockchain network grows.

- scales up. To scale transactions, we makes full use of all of the significant improvements that Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 brings to bear. Key advances include a new, loosely coupled endorser/orderer/committer flow, the use of channels for “just-the-right participation”, overhauls to the crypto and identity components and many more. Add to this cryto accelerators, high speed physical network, software optimizations and the world’s fastest Linux compute and you get the picture.

Network Bootstrap: a custom Distributed Network is now at your fingertips

Setting up a new network is simple. And since we offer a full stack, managed Blockchain–aaS, the network you build in minutes is hardened to production grade specifications.

1. The founding member navigates to bluemix and creates an instance of the IBM Blockchain for Fabric 1.0 Limited Beta service
2. The founder then can create a new blockchain network by launching the Network Bootstrap tool.
3. The founder can invite members via email. These members log separately into their own bluemix accounts.
4. Each member provisions their own peers and resources–which is what they are responsible for paying for.
5. These peers and resources are all connected together in a best practice, hardened HA configuration.

Fabric Composer: Building your Blockchain App just got a lot Easier

After completing Network Bootstrap, you can continue to interact with your components on the network as you did in the past: use the CLI and SDK to build your app. Better still, why not try the exciting new Fabric Composer project out in the community? It greatly simplifies building awesome blockchain apps by a framework layer of abstraction with assets, participants and transactions. It also has some nifty developer tools to jumpstart you on your way. Here’s a good intro to composer or if you’re the tinkering type you can try live coding in the playground experience.

Distributed Governance: But what about Operating a Live Network?

Ahh the next frontier. How can you go live with a distributed network without a set of tools to operate the network in a distributed fashion? The Governance tooling we are beginning to introduce addresses this problem. With it, policies can be setup to govern what approvals or approval thresholds are required in order to make changes to the network.


With the launch of the next generation BC-aaS, IBM is building on Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 to offer a service that enables you to build truly distributed Business Networks. It comes with updated and new tools to create, launch, govern and operate new blockchain networks.

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