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Blockchain: An Ultimate Relief to Cybersecurity

During the trend of sophisticated hackers, losing vision of invention in this cyber industry is not a hot news any more. Although security issues are on the go, new technologies always ramp up to solve those issues. Through this article, I am going to write about the role of Blockchain applications and technologies in improving cyber security.

Build on a history of security research, blockchains are cryptography-based, distributed, peer to peer, and, an open source digital recorder in which transactions in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are verified chronologically and publicly.

Today without using Blockchain, analysing and distributing data is almost a risk. Whatever transaction you are doing online you are always relying on someone else to be trustworthy. To prevent form malicious hackers, after “trusted hub” people started depending on Blockchain.

Normally banks keep record of your account and you are helpless if they somehow by mistake provide you wrong data or if their level of security is not that strong.

Like other transactions, the transaction in Blockchain is not controlled by any bank. Instead, there are lakhs of computers which autonomously verify the encoded transactions ensuring security in every step of transaction. But during recording of the transaction, no existing transaction can be edited or deleted.


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