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Blockchain Identity Solutions: The Key to Irrefutable Data Integrity

Identity is a universal problem inherent in all technology. Be it banking, healthcare, national security, online retailing or walking into a bar, identity authentication and authorization is a process intricately woven into commerce and culture worldwide.

And it is often a very cumbersome, time-consuming and costly process. Blockchains change all that.

Imagine having a level of data integrity that would allow you to establish trust instantly. Imagine the operational transparency that could be achieved without deep, complex layers of IT security. Imagine authenticating your identity once and never having to do it again, despite conducting thousands of online transactions.

Identity remains one of the most fascinating and fundamental use cases that many people, including me, believe to be ideal for blockchain technology. A blockchain does two things very well. It creates a network that people can use to conduct transactions or interactions using a set of rules enforced by the network rather than a third party. We know this already with regard to Bitcoin, the original blockchain application. But blockchain technology's potential extends well beyond that.

Because the other thing a blockchain excels at is identity authentication and authorization. Ensuring that a user is who he says he is, and then authorizing him to do something, is a problem that every industry has to deal with. Over and over again, day after day, year after year.

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