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Blockchain for Finance Conference in London to Explore Use Cases for Distributed Ledgers

Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, Rabobank, UBS, Nordea, Bank of Ireland, BNY Mellon and Commerzbank to discuss the latest blockchain initiatives within the finance sector on October 3rd in London at FinTech Network Conference.

Blockchain has evolved from zero to the cusp of being a multibillion dollar market in less than 24 months and most financial institutions now appear to have a blockchain application in process or hope to have one soon.
The Blockchain for Finance Conference (October 3rd, London) will review the latest use cases being developed within financial institutions to help map out the benefits of employing distributed ledger technology. Conference highlights include:
- 10 banks including RBS, Deutsche Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, Rabobank & Nordea will set out their blockchain strategies to help the sector to review the opportunities with this technology
- Hear from innovative technology providers including Ethereum and Eris Industries to see how smart contracts can make businesses in the sector more efficient
- Assess how the current regulatory landscape could be improved and/or hindered by blockchain adoption with a specific focus on licensing, KYC and risk management
With around 300 technology start-ups developing ideas for how to make blockchain work for financial services, the opportunity surrounding blockchain implementation is huge for technology and solution providers as well as for financial institutions themselves.


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Mardi 9 Août 2016