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Blockchain platform Emercoin signs tripartite agreement to set up consortium

Emercoin, a digital currency and blockchain service platform, has announced that it has signed a Tripartite Agreement for the founding of the “Emercoin Consortium” in collaboration with Estonian company Hashcoins OU and Russian system integrator I-Teco.

The objective of the consortium is the joint development and implementation of specific Emercoin-based solutions for the largest Russian and global companies. According to a blog post on Medium, consortium members will get access to the Emer technologies and comprehensive support, including technical advice, analytics, assistance in hiring qualified blockchain developers, and other options of necessary support.

The consortium will offer the customers of I-Teco Innovation Center blockchain-based solutions for the sectors that are now adapting to this technology, including logistics, document flow, retail, and credit operations, among others. The implementation of these tasks will require the adaptation of the existing tools, as well as the creation of new tools through the joint efforts of the Emercoin Team, Hashcoins OU, and I-Teco, it added.

“The Emercoin Team has been developing a blockchain platform for industrial use for more than four years. We have implemented both crypto-currency and a number of non-monetary services. We offer more than just a speculative bubble, we offer market tested tools to solve tasks for real businesses. But we also understand that it is not enough to only create services. It is necessary to implement and integrate these services into existing business processes, provide maintenance and training, and so forth. We are pleased that I-Teco Innovation Center has become our partner, as they have deep expertise in the implementation and maintenance of complex projects in this field, as well as in the integration of various technologies”, said Oleg Hovaiko, the Senior Developer of the Emercoin Team.

Emercoin said that collaboration with I-Teco will enable it to combine its development experience with the latter’s implementation and support experience. It added that it will also offer the integrator’s customers and other involved businesses and institutions unique solutions based on blockchain-based technologies.

“Among hundreds of blockchain platforms, only a few have non-monetary services. Emercoin — precisely one such platform — presents, in addition to its ready-for-work package of non-monetary services, a universally reliable platform for the creation of new ones. Currently, this functionality is most relevant for corporate use, and our customers are heavily interested in such solutions. We thoroughly analyzed the different teams of blockchain solution developers and chose the Emercoin Team due to them being the most experienced team in the implementation of non-monetary solutions based on blockchain”, said Yury Kirilchev, the Director for Business Development of I-Teco Innovation Center.

Eugene Shumilov, Emercoin founder and CEO, said that the consortium is open for cooperation and is particularly interested in large system integrators, leading software and hardware IT companies, and large financial and industrial groups.

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