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Blockchain's Potential in the Mobile-Centric Travel Sector

Airline Executives Must Lead "Mobile-First" Strategies to Boost Revenues, Ancillaries, Personalization & Loyalty, Says New CellPoint Mobile Report.

"2017 Imperative for Global Airlines" Industry Report Recommends Mobile-First Strategies That Generate New Revenue Streams and Thrive As Passengers' "Mobile Travel Companions"

The push for mobile-first strategies within airlines must begin in the executive suite and extend throughout the organization if airlines hope to keep pace with a fast-moving mobile market and $800 billion in revenue potential by 2020, according to a newly published report by CellPoint Mobile.

"The 2017 Imperative for Global Airlines" report examines the quickly evolving payments ecosystem and the behaviors of airline customers who increasingly rely on mobile devices for travel-related transactions, interactions and communications.

CellPoint Mobile, a provider of mobile-first commerce and payment solutions for airlines and travel companies, urges airlines to embrace mobile-first strategies and capabilities "quickly and comprehensively if they are to emerge as passengers' full-service 'mobile travel companions."

"With directives that start within the highest levels of the executive suite, airlines and travel companies must quickly begin to infuse mobile-first strategies throughout other business services so that loyalty programs, passenger interactions, transactions and ancillary sales can serve passengers well and capture new revenues from the mobile marketplace," says Kristian Gjerding, CEO and author of the report, available free for download here.

Key Mobile Imperatives in 2017: Payments, Loyalty, Ancillaries, Marketing

The report focuses on key strategies for airlines as they struggle to keep pace with passenger behaviors, more than 80% of whom travel with smartphones and mobile devices, and marketplace innovation being driven externally by payment technology companies, mobile device manufacturers and others.

Recommendations include:

- Mobile payments: Offer a range of mobile payments to meet current passenger demand and position airlines for ancillary revenue opportunities and the expectations of mobile-first, tech-savvy Millennials who will soon dominate the travel marketplace
- Mobile loyalty: Rebuild loyalty programs from the ground up to support mobile-first sign-up, payments, redemption and personalized marketing
- Mobile marketing: Explore conversational communications via chatbots and video messaging to leverage passengers' smartphones for transactions, interactions, upsell and cross-sell opportunities
- Mobile innovation: Consider the potential of blockchain-supported products and services for payments, passenger IDs, security and loyalty program transactions – an initiative supported by the company's recent launch of a blockchain-focused Travel Innovation Hub.

"Emboldened by a mobile-centric strategy, airlines can attract more passengers, create more opportunities and paths to purchase, cater to a younger, mobile-focused customer, re-energize their loyalty programs, and position themselves for success in the mobile environment," says Gjerding.

Executives from CellPoint Mobile will be discussing the report's findings, mobile-first strategies and the company's new Travel Innovation Hub at Money2020 in Las Vegas (October 23-26) and the 7th Mega Event in Toronto (October 25-26).

About CellPoint Mobile
Travel is at the heart of discovery, learning, commerce and change. It's also at the heart of our business, and that's why CellPoint Mobile makes travel easier by providing airlines and travel companies with comprehensive, mobile-first commerce and payment solutions that enhance their customers' experience, increase revenues and improve margins. With offices in Miami, London, Copenhagen, Dubai, Pune and Singapore, CellPoint Mobile simplifies the integration of complex commerce and payment solutions for global and regional airlines and travel companies – quickly and without friction. The company's Travel Innovation Hub creates blockchain-supported products and services for travel payments, loyalty program transactions, passenger IDs and security.

SOURCE: CellPoint Mobile

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