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COOS(ChaoSuan) Unveils IoT Killer Platform-COOS IoT Ecosystem

Chinese Internet Company ShenZhen ChaoSuan Science and Development Co.,Ltd(COOS Inc.), unveils the open-ended closed-loop IoT Ecosystem – COOS(Clever Object Open System) today.

COOS( combines a platform with IoT development Kit, Online E-Commerce Portal, CooSChain(customized blockchain) based COOSCoin, Big Data Analytics Tools, and Ad Engine for IoT devices.

Innovation is the heart of COOS Inc. The platform are many breakthrough innonvations used for the first time in the IoT industry. For example, to ease the use of the COOS platform, COOS provides an innovative way to activate the IoT devices by one line of poem.

COOSCoin is another innovation. Based on the blockchain technology, COOSCoin provides an convininent and secure payment option for the IoT devices. All of the COOS services and hardewares can be purchased with the COOSCoin.

Seemlessly integrated with the platform, COOS online store sells the COOS development kit, and COOSCoins etc. The COOSCoins purchased from the COOS online store will get charged automatically to their account.

COOSCollege offers education services for enterprises to learn the IoT related knowledges.

COOS Development Kit is designed and manufactured by COOS Inc. It Runs COOSOS,a proprietary embedded operating system by COOS Inc.
COOSOS is an lightweight Embedded operating systems based on RTOS. It perfectly supports the connection between the IoT devices and the cloud.

Product Lines
MATRIX(Beyond Tradition, Incubate Future): Focuses on the IoT development Kit with a cloud based IoT platform. It supports one key registration of the IoT development Kit to the COOS IoT platform.
Evolution(Pay as IoT Goes): Provide a blockchain based payment system for IoT devices.
Transform(Build the most flexible ad engine for IoT): Provide the most powerful ad engine in the IoT era.
Revolution(Take Adventure Shape Future): COOS’s continuous innovation leads into the future of IoT.

The release of COOS platform marks the historical milestone in the IoT era. For a long time the IoT industry is stuck in the medieval period due to the lack of a killer platform which can serve the enterprises in the needed aspects. With the release of COOS platform, this period has come to an end. For the first time ever, COOS equips its users with the capability to churn out smart IoT devices based on an ecosystem.

About COOS Inc.
COOS Inc.( is a leading IoT ecosystem service provider in China. Its global headquarter is located in Shenzhen, China. It has international offices in North America(COOS Inc.) and Hong Kong(Hong Kong COOS Limited).

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Mardi 31 Janvier 2017