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Crypto Mining Goes Mobile with Ormeus Coin

On the move: 40-foot ‘Mobile Miner’ data centers rolled out in low-cost energy jurisdictions.

Virtual currency Ormeus Coin has positioned itself as the ultimate industrial-grade crypto mining operation of the Blockchain boom with the launch of its Mobile Miner business.

With significant North American data centers in the Midwest and upstate New York already making almost USD$7 Million per month, Ormeus has now invested in mobile mining units to diversify its business base.

As the exclusive video shows, Ormeus Coin has acquired proprietary AC air-cooled mobile data centers for the purpose of running diverse cryptographic hash functions and plugging into more affordable remote green energy sources.

The Ormeus Coin Mobile Miner (OCMM) is powered by 100,000 ASIC chips crammed into a 40-foot shipping container capable of mining around 50 Bitcoins per month, or USD$450,000 per month at current prices.

The Mobile Miner is one of the most powerful and cost-efficient crypto mining units available, with up to 10PH/s of computing power served through a unique 16nm ASIC.

The container can be shipped easily and set-up requiring only a suitable and affordable power source with Internet access.

A master purchase agreement for Ormeus Coin provides details for fully managed mobile mining services in North America and Asia on a 24-hour-a-day/seven-day-a-week basis.

Commenting on the mobile mining deal, Bob Steed, senior mining consultant for Ormeus Coin said: “The profits from our first stationary data centers in North America position Ormeus Coin as a leading virtual currency secured by actual underlying mining assets. The mobile miners we have just acquired reflect protection and diversification for our business”.

Steed added: “Ormeus is now the supreme pick-and-shovel crypto mining operation with both stationary and mobile mining data centers. While the rest of the world is scrambling to figure out power – we decided to build these mobile rigs and take the power of our computers to the most legitimate, cost-effective energy sources in the world. This means more profitability and more sustainability for our operations”.

Ormeus Coin is expected to release its new cryptocurrency wallet shortly and further announcements regarding the coin being added to large crypto exchanges are imminent.

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Mardi 27 Mars 2018