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CryptoKami Blockchain POS Platform with a Unique Business Model

The CryptoKami Platform is a standalone blockchain system which is similar to Ethereum but is built with the KAMI token.

This platform has immense potential for offering sustainable growth using time and frequency; as well as excellent monetary control thereby meeting the demand and supply ratio. CryptoKami was created exclusively for the upcoming financial ICOs and it is about to become the first ever Blockchain Reserve System and targets to take KAMI Token to the top 10 coin market caps for the coming 2 years. CryptoKami was created with a mission to promote as well as to support the KAMI token platform and to create a cryptocurrency ecosystem; thereby contributing to a fair share of distribution.

How can one build an ecosystem based on the CryptoKami plaform especially when the businesses who deal with financial services balance their cash flow because of the transparent scientific mechanism? CryptoKami works on a compulsory reverse mechanism (the Comreme Algorithm) for the upcoming ICO investment and this mechanism effectively protects all investors and traders. The algorithm is also designed to regulate the demand and supply for KAMI tokens. That is why this is a multi-win-win model with zero risk and benefits a lot of parties involved. In other words this is a unique model that combines the demand-driven with financial blockchain platform; thereby resulting in a unique momentum by creating infinite demand and slow supply of nothing extra of 210M KAMI tokens.

The demand for the KAMI tokens will be diversified and will surpass the limited supply of tokens. The technology behind CryptoKami is different from the other “blue chip” cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, ADA, STELAR, etc. While these focus more on technology and transaction processing, KAMI token focuses on Comreme algorithm; thereby allowing microfinancing operations be safe and be under better control. CryptoKami definitely serves as an early investment opportunity with infinite demand and limited supply. The Comreme Algorithm is responsible for regulating the demand and supply thereby ensuring sustainable growth for short and long term periods.

CRYPTOKAMI is a platform that is built with the KAMI Token. It runs on the unique Comreme Algorithm or the Compulsory Reverse Mechanism that requires a reserve limit so as to protect the investors, traders.

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