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DarkMatter Introduces Blockchain Solutions for Governments and Enterprises in the UAE

First-of-a-kind solutions establish DarkMatter as the region's pioneer in blockchain technology. Solutions align with the UAE's vision to foster the innovation and adoption of smart government infrastructure and development of smart technologies. DarkMatter, an international cyber security firm headquartered in the UAE, has announced the launch of its blockchain advisory services and forthcoming blockchain Software Development Kit (SDK).

These first-of-a-kind, enterprise-ready blockchain offerings are designed for smart cities and other smart systems, and industries such as financial services, financial technology, and healthcare where secure real-time data transactions are mission critical.

DarkMatter is bringing its expertise in advanced cryptographic research and development to help governments and large enterprises implement blockchain solutions that incorporate critically important elements such as authentication and confidentiality, which are necessary to unlock blockchain's full potential.

Blockchain is drawing increasing interest from a range of industries that see the technology providing a platform to simplify and speed all types of transactions, improve the mechanisms to exchange information or things of value, and deliver an always-updated, indisputable and definitive record of almost any type of data.

However, to be truly useful, blockchain technology must enable trust among the parties involved. DarkMatter's SDK provides this through multi-layered cryptography that includes proper authentication, provably secure crypto, integrity checks, cryptographic digital signatures, and flexible consensus scheme alternatives.

The DarkMatter SDK delivers this secure and comprehensive blockchain solution through a simple software plug-in that can be integrated into almost any existing network. The SDK incorporates DarkMatter's trusted encryption and authentication algorithms and also includes customised design and provisioning of the architecture for the entire blockchain-enabled solution.

Commenting on the development of blockchain solutions, Faisal Al Bannai, Chief Executive Officer of DarkMatter, said, "Blockchain is a disruptive technology with the potential to deliver enormous benefits to governments, companies and individuals. As an innovator in the field of cyber security and a pioneer in the regional blockchain environment, DarkMatter is uniquely positioned to develop new blockchain solutions that combine state-of-the-art security with advanced user-focused deployments."

Faisal Al Bannai added: "The launch of DarkMatter's blockchain offerings aligns with the UAE's vision to create a resilient, dynamic and knowledge-based economy, with smart cities and advanced government services that leverage cutting-edge technologies to benefit citizens, enterprises and visitors."

DarkMatter's blockchain advisory team works with governments and enterprises to identify opportunities and use-case scenarios for the implementation of this technology. As a regional pioneer in the blockchain space, DarkMatter can help organisations cut through the growing noise surrounding the technology to identify the hidden opportunities it offers.

The DarkMatter Blockchain SDK can be integrated into an organisation's systems to provide a secure and seamless exchange of information across distributed networks and users. DarkMatter complements its SDK solutions with in-house design, procurement and implemental services in associated infrastructure, hardware and software.

About DarkMatter
DarkMatter is transforming the cyber security landscape. Headquartered in the UAE and operating globally, we're the region's first and only fully integrated digital defence and cyber security consultancy and implementation firm. Our elite team of global experts deliver advanced, next-generation solutions to governments and enterprises across the cyber security spectrum.
We help clients simplify the enormous complexity of today's ever-evolving cyber threats. Our vision is to secure the future by protecting its technologies
Our products extend to Secure Communications, Public Key Infrastructure, Innovation & Research, and Big Data & Analytics.
Our services extend to Governance, Risk & Compliance, Cyber Network Defence, Managed Security Services, Infrastructure & System Integration, Test & Validation Labs, and Smart Solutions.

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Wednesday, October 19th 2016
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