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Dogecoin Community Launches New Charity Effort

The Dogecoin Community ( is crowdfunding for charitable causes again.

This time it is a sock drive, the “Dogecoin Socks For The Homeless” Project, a.k.a “Shibes For Socks”. This effort was initiated by a 3 person team in the dogecoin community consisting of members u/1waterhole, u/MrDogeMeister, and u/tomcarbon.

“Something as simple as the garments we wear on our feet is so taken for granted. I personally had never really thought about how important socks are until this issue was brought to my attention,” said u/MrDogeMeister, one of the three founders of Shibes for Socks. “I learned that foot diseases are actually quite a problem in the homeless community. Maybe we could help ease this a little. Especially with winter approaching, I don’t see a better time to do this!”

The Project itself consists of 3 main parts. First, the funds will be collected from the community. Second, the socks will be acquired by the 3 person team. Last, the socks will be distributed directly to the homeless population in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles.

The assist with the distribution phase, the Shibes for Socks team will be partnering up with the LoveMyNeighborFoundation, a charity organization that aims to assist the homeless population of Skid Row by providing food, friendship, and other basic human needs. This foundation distributes food to the homeless on every Thursday, and this is also when the socks will be distributed.

The three partners have employed the use of a Dogecoin “Multisig” Address in order to manage the funds from the community. The Multisig Address cannot be spent by one person alone; at least two people must agree in order for the money to be moved from the account. For this reason, the dogecoin community believes that this arrangement fosters more trust than in a single-receiver arrangement, where one person could disappear with the funds to never be seen from again.

“The goal here is to complete a small sized project that helps some people, and then when this project comes to an end, we start another project, and so on,” said u/tomcarbon, another of the three founders of the project. “The Dogecoin Socks For The Homeless Project is thus anticipated to be the first in a series of charitable activities that the Dogecoin community will be fostering in months to come.”
About the Dogecoin and the Dogecoin Community

Dogecoin, an offshoot of the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency, was created in December 2013 as a joke, but quickly gained a following. The community is known to have a playful and welcoming nature, with a rich history of charitable achievements. Previous crowdfunding efforts include digging water wells in Keyna, raising $7000 to send Indian Luger Shiva Keshavan to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, sponsoring NASCAR driver Josh Wise, and providing school supplies to classrooms in the Philipines.
About the Love My Neighbor Foundation

The Love My Neighbor Foundation ( works to establish a viable and respectable means for homeless individuals to receive the necessities of life as they regain their way back into society. This foundation was established to allow homeless individuals to keep their pride and dignity as they receive food, clothing, shoes, toiletries and spiritual enlightenment.

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Mardi 22 Novembre 2016