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Establishing Sino-Russian Blockchain Ecosystem: DAEX Co-Founder Speaks at Congress BlockchainRF 2018

Hana Zhang, Co-founder of DAEX Clearing Foundation, was invited to share her insights on the blockchain development at Congress BlockchainRF 2018, the largest and highest-level blockchain conference in Russia committed to “detecting the most prospective projects of Digital Economy and integrating them into commercial and state economies”.

From top-class economists, up- and down-stream entrepreneurs, to leading financiers, blockchain technical experts and journalists, more than 175 top-level speakers and 2,000 industry specialists attended the conference. They were also joined by government officials like Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister, and Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, reflecting the strong support of the Russian Federation for this event. Focusing on multiple topics including RACIB, government, blockchain, CRYPTO investments, ICO and mining, it aims to promote experience exchange and fuel the industry development.

Hana Zhang noted that as Russia’s official bill for cryptocurrency will be introduced in July 2018, it will be a good opportunity to establish relationships with Russian government, universities and related entities. She looked forward to sealing a deal in blockchain ecosystem including cryptocurrency mines, industry summits, exchanges, ICO standard, and training.

Establishing a blockchain ecosystem however, requires a credible and secured mechanism. That’s why DAEX, a new-generation distributed cryptocurrency clearing system, stepped in to provide decentralized technology-based secure assets storage system and service for cryptocurrency developers and investors. By separating clearing process from the centralized trading platforms, DAEX can help exchanges to focus on trade matchmaking, while guaranteeing the transparency and security of the traders’ assets.

With intensifying supervision over blockchain worldwide in 2018, DAEX, a perfect example of blockchain3.0 committed to underlying architecture optimization, will help specify independent clearing standards and accelerate the construction of a mature financial market for cryptocurrency.

At the congress, DAEX gained high attention from media and social platforms like Washington business journal, yahoo finance, and 4-traders.

Roadmap for DAEX as below:
April 2018: Token release in Exchanges;
Late June 2018: First DAEX Wallet Product Launch
Late December 2018: Beta Version Release
2019: Main Chain Release

DAEX Official Website & whitepaper download:

Source: DAEX

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