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Exscudo, the bridge between two worlds

A financial ecosystem to unite traditional finances and the cryptocurrency market.

Since its emergence in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has come a long way. Today, it is already in the phase of establishing. It is not a baby market any more, but one that can run, speak and express itself out loud. This market drives attention of major financial players, such as international banks, funds and other financial institutions.

Still, the market faces several difficulties. Despite the large amount of startups, the market still lacks professional operating instruments. For regular users, it is not easy to create a cryptocurrency wallet to store their assets safely. Institutional investors cannot enter the market because of several legal issues. Traders need to accumulate information from a dozen of websites and sources to make decisions.

All these factors motivated the team of Exscudo to create a new product to resolve all these issues. Exscudo is the new gateway between the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency market. The team’s main goal is to create a single gate to cryptocurrency market for simple users, professional traders, investors and financial institutions.

Exscudo offers a wide range of products for all mentioned user categories. All these products are connected into a joint financial ecosystem. This allows users of different levels to cooperate easily between each other.

Exscudo’s ecosystem consists of an elaborated and easy-to use Stock exchange, Exscudo Channels – an app that unites the functions of a messenger and a wallet – as well as a merchant, trading terminals, and bank cards.

To gain independency from third-party developers, Exscudo uses an own distributed network called EON. This technology allows Exscudo to handle transactions between Exscudo Stock exchange and international banks, as well as cryptocurrency wallet users and fiat accounts holders. EON is the blood that empowers the whole system. It uses the smart transactions algorithm that is similar, but not equal to the smart contracts mechanism of the Ethereum network. For security reasons, only the Dev team will be able to add new smart transactions to the network at this stage.

EON is not a fully open source project, but those parts that cover the rules of consensus, emission and block confirmation will be published on Github. The part that deals with the Exscudo Stock Exchange is classified. The developers say that they have extensive plans for Eon that they will reveal later.

The Exscudo Exchange bases on its own proprietary platform that is absolutely safe, fast and fully compliant. The system meets all international banking standards. All transactions run within the system without third-party services. The Exchange delivers ultimate trading experience due to an adaptable user interface that is extremely easy-to-use for beginners but professionally multifunctional for experienced traders.

The platform offers access to a personal financial space. Regular users will be able to shop in stores with cryptocurrency by using connected debit cards. This is also important for miners, since they won’t need to convert to fiat currencies to make payments. The cards are connected directly to the bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets.

Traders will be pleased with a usable and adaptable user interface. It includes lots of graphs and indexes and an adaptable news feed for convenience. Now there is no need to keep lots of tabs and windows open – you can find all instruments you need within your interface. You can adjust the interface of your account according to your current needs or use a functional pre-set mode. What is more, traders gain direct access to liquidity trading. Now you don’t need to contact a broker to buy or sell assets. Exscudo is created for direct trading between people and institutions of all kinds.

The elements of the Exscudo ecosystem will be launched gradually during the year 2017. The first product that will see the market in Q1-Q2 is the Exscudo Channels app. Users will be able to transfer funds, send encrypted messages and hold currencies on their light wallets. More information about the products can be found on the developer’s website.

The project plans an ICO in the coming spring. The terms and conditions will be published on the official Exscudo pages. Customers that are potentially interested in investing are kindly invited to sign up on the Exscudo website to receive further information by email.

The international team consists of professional developers and managers who have many years of experience in the development of financial products and services. More information about the team can be found on Exscudo official website.
About Exscudo

Exscudo is the nextgen financial ecosystem that unites the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency market. Our main goal is to create a single gate to cryptocurrency market for simple users, professional traders, investors and financial institutions. Exscudo’s ecosystem consists of an Stock exchange, as well as a merchant, wallets, trading terminals, cards and a protected communication channel.

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Thursday, February 23rd 2017
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