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Getting Beyond the Blockchain Hype

Upon hearing a declaration that a new technology will ultimately be as transformative as the internet, most of us would probably raise an eyebrow — maybe in interest, but mostly in skepticism.

Saikat Chaudhuri
Saikat Chaudhuri
With any emerging technology, it’s difficult to sort through the buzz to understand its actual potential. Blockchain (often referred to as a “distributed ledger” and best known as the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin) is hailed for its ability to make transactions efficient, transparent, and secure like never before. So how might we realistically see its adoption play out?

The Blockchain Opportunity Summit in New York City brought together experts from financial services, telecommunications, real estate, and more in an attempt to discern when and how much Blockchain is likely to disrupt their respective industries. They discuss future applications of the technology in the series of interviews below.

“The Excitement Is High Because We See the Potential”

Saikat Chaudhuri:
Although Blockchain is usually discussed in the context of finance, the opportunities to exploit this emerging technology extend much further. Saikat Chaudhuri, Executive Director of the Mack Institute, discusses Blockchain’s potential to disrupt a wide variety of sectors – healthcare, automotive, music, real estate, even government.

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