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Global Blockchain Investment Bank is Founded in USA

Global Blockchain Investment Bank (GBIB) is officially founded and under operation in USA. As a boutique investment bank targeting the blockchain industry, GBIB is positioned as the "Goldman Sachs" and "China International Capital Corporation (CICC)" in the blockchain industry. It is mainly engaged in the issuance, underwriting and trading of blockchain projects, investment analysis, venture capital, and project financing. It is a nonbank financial institution by nature, and acts as a major financial intermediary in the blockchain market.

Currently, GBIB has over 300,000 investors and high-net-worth Limited Partners (LPs) globally. It is also collaborating closely with multiple professional investment institutions. GBIB strives to provide cutting-edge global information for blockchain investors, connect them with top experts, provide risk-free investment opportunities for them, and develop into a boutique investment bank in the blockchain industry.

Incubate Outstanding Projects and Capture Investment Opportunities

Blockchain technologies and applications are developing rapidly. Currently, there are thousands of different types of digital tokens. How to obtain the latest information about the real blockchain technologies and how to select quality projects in a market has become a major problem for domestic investors. How can domestic investors capture overseas blockchain investment opportunities will be another major problem.

Looking back at the history of finance, the founding members of GBIB are optimistic about the financing tools and trading methods provided by the vertical ecosystem consisting of blockchain, digital currencies, and exchanges. They look at this future market by positioning their exchange as the NASDAQ and their tokens as the securities. But currently the initial coin offerings (ICOs) are chaotic, investors and token buyers will fall into huge bubbles if they are not cautious enough, and the entire market doesn't have risk controllers. The GBIB team hopes to provide protection for investors and projects as a professional financial intermediary through its professional tech tools and global team.

For investors and buyers, GBIB has an advisory function and a protective function. GBIB will select great projects globally and investigate their net value, to ensure that the projects are real, to evaluate their profitability, and to protect the interests of their investors.

For project owners, after fully affirming the investment value of a project, GBIB will serve as the project's underwriter, purchase the project, underwrite it, and assume the distribution function. This is similar to Goldman Sachs, which also serves as an underwriter for a company's securities to help raise money for the related project quickly. Meanwhile, in different phases of a project, GBIB will also provide professional advisory board's endorsement as well as global services for the project. For example, GBIB will hold press conferences in various countries across the globe and help to go through the ICO or IPO channel.

Global Team and Partners to Build Boutique Investment Bank

Driven by the international, professional and centralized team, the platform has been able to grow quickly. Most members of the GBIB team are from professional investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and CICC, and graduated from the world's prestigious universities, boasting a lot of experience in finance and investments. Headquartered in Singapore, GBIB has set offices in Shanghai, the Silicon Valley, and New York. GBIB also has partners from different sectors, such as Harvard University, Peking University, Stanford University, DFJ Dragon, JT Capital, Ethernet Capital, Matrix Partners China, and etc.

GBIB has successfully incubated several outstanding blockchain projects. Taking Influence Chain as example, Influence Chain is the world's first decentralized digital engine for the value of influence, dedicated to building the world's first platform for the value of influence using blockchain. The Influence Chain Foundation was registered in 2017. There is also an Influence Exchange (INEX) spontaneously organized and operated by enthusiasts from multiple countries around the globe. The aim is to explore people with a high public visibility and social influence in various industries and sectors, and to demonstrate their value from a new dimension using blockchain technologies.

SOURCE Global Blockchain Investment Bank

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