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Gospel Technology launches its Enterprise Trust Fabric

Gospel Technology today announced the Proof of Concept availability for its Enterprise Trust Fabric - a solution built on the unique value and capabilities of the Linux Hyperledger blockchain. Features native to this technology - record immutability, cryptographic provenance and decentralised consensus - have been leveraged to bring significant value to enterprise that was historically impossible.

Gospel’s Enterprise Trust Fabric has enhanced the blockchain technology to enable it to operate with the stability and scalability essential to large enterprise businesses. This provides a vehicle for transformation to cloud architecture and compliance with the increased government regulation for personal data.

The problem of privacy and trust

The transition to digital-scale architecture with the associated benefits of cloud environments, Internet of Things and the imminent arrival of 5G networks, means that data continues to grow exponentially. This growth in the volume and complexity of data will be significantly influenced by the increased use of digital systems in enterprises.

In addition to users, device deployment at the edge is forecast to increase considerably - embedded in the objects and systems we all use on a daily basis (IoT). This phenomenal proliferation presents a massive challenge to the infrastructure that has evolved over the last decade.

As this infrastructure becomes perimeter-less and dispersed, so does the data. It is crucial that data is secured and an immutable record of activity and interaction is retained to track and ensure the privacy of associated elements.

The cost of ignoring the problem

The threat of a data breach is very real and to ensure that enterprises are addressing the challenge of the privacy of personal data, new regulations are imminent. The EU’s General Data Protection regulation (GDPR), which is scheduled to be enforced from May 2018, requires that a breach must be reported within a specified time after detection and failure to do this could result in a financial penalty of up to 4% of world-wide revenue from the company’s previous financial year.

Applying Hyperledger as the solution

Gospel Enterprise Trust Fabric enables the business to connect their digital assets including containers, applications, and data to an enterprise distributed ledger. This ledger is based on immutable blockchain technology - guaranteeing the integrity and identity of the content appended through decentralised validation. Once appended this data cannot be changed - ensuring provenance and history for the key trust indicators (KTIs) of the digital assets. For data regulation, KTIs are bound to a cryptographic hash and can then absolutely guarantee the integrity of the data state.

The immediate value of Gospel’s Enterprise Trust Fabric:
- A clear and transparent world state of data assets and key trust indicators within the ledger
- Real Time identification of abnormal behaviour and data breaches
- An immutable history of key trust indicators
- Scheduled erasure policies based on absolute expiry dates within the ledger

Ian Smith, Founder and CEO of Gospel Technology said: "We understand the challenges of enterprise data management, and the pressure to be relevant in this digital world of highly distributed and dispersed infrastructure. New regulations mean that existing technology cannot cope with the real-time, complex nature of the task. With the emerging technology that is blockchain and the characteristics offered in Hyperledger - we can now answer the challenge of digital data management for enterprise businesses with our unique Gospel Enterprise Trust Fabric."

If you’d like to meet with Gospel and see how they can help you with embracing cloud and aligning to data regulations why not attend their presentation and stand (228a) at the Global Blockchain Expo in London Olympia on the 23rd and 24th January.

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