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Incent Launches Its OpenLedger DC Supported Crowdfund ICO Today for the Blockchain-Based Disruptive Loyalty Program

Incent blockchain platform partner up with OpenLedger DC to launch the ICO for its disruptive loyalty program involving Incent crypto tokens

Incent, the blockchain-based loyalty platform created by the crypto business hub BitScan announces the launch of its crowdfund ICO alongside OpenLedger decentralized conglomerate. The ICO starting today on October 1, 2016, makes allowance for great discounts for Pre-ICO 'angel' investors.

The creators of Incent, BitScan has been offering the largest Bitcoin merchant directory service for over three years now. The new blockchain-based loyalty platform is a result of their learnings and experience. The CEO of Incent Rob Wilson, while explaining the motivation behind the new loyalty program says,

"A clear message we have learned is that merchants are crying out for better loyalty solution."

He further adds,

"The rewards sector isn't just inefficient, it is broken. Using blockchain technology, we can offer a far more effective and more attractive model — one that will give consumers new reasons to come back to a store."

Incent uses blockchain technology to create transferable, freely tradable crypto tokens that can be shared between the merchants who are part of the Incent network. These tokens can be used by the merchants as rewards for their loyal customers, which can be immediately credited to their wallet, accessible through their mobile phone or web browser.

Redemption of these rewards is not confined to one retailer and can be used across any merchant who is part of the Incent loyalty platform. Incent rewards can also be gifted to others or traded for fiat and other digital currencies on exchanges as well. Incent relies on instant gratification and possibility of using the rewards in real-world to increase customer retention. As the number of merchants on the platform increases, the value of a "finite" number of reward tokens also increases.

Incent has also partnered with Waves platform, a blockchain ecosystem over which the tokens will be issued. Soon after the ICO, Incent tokens will be distributed to the investors' wallets provided by the Waves platform. The wallet will be a part of the Incent app, and both users are merchants don't have to worry about downloading separate wallets or mining the crypto tokens.

ICO and Pre-Investment

The Incent crowdfund ICO opens today on October 1 and will go on until November 30, 2016.

As a part of its initiative to allow early access to Incent trading, OpenLedger are now in association with Incent, able to distribute early stakes in the ICO. OpenLedger users will have a unique opportunity to buy into, as well as trade Incent from the very first day of the ICO on the DEX platform. This opportunity is exclusively for DEX users and cannot be found on any other trade platform in the industry.

Investors are now able to subscribe to the OPEN.INCNT token on OpenLedger or buy them via the subscription service available at CCEDK. Investors will receive their tokens instantaneously at a 4% subscription fee, and can begin trading their tokens on the OpenLedger platform the very same day.

Traders and investors alike may withdraw their tokens to their Incent wallet at the launch date.

Another option is to buy the tokens on the Incent website, and receive them on the official release date, November 30, 2016. Investors may also send funds directly to the OpenLedger account ico.openledger, by stating the name of the ICO they wish to subscribe to in a memo.

About Incent
Incent is a blockchain based loyalty token platform created by BitScan. The platform allows merchants to be part of a decentralized loyalty-as-a-service network with access to a universal customer base and marketing tools.

SOURCE OpenLedger

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