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KORE and Curo Partner to Enable IoT-based Senior Autonomy

KORE, the people powering IoT innovations and opportunities, today announced a partnership with Curo, a Melbourne, Australia-based healthtech innovator, to power its sensor-based software application. The app is designed to change the way the world looks at aging-in-place and the relationship between family and their loved ones.

“With over 40 million people over the age of 65 in the United States, America’s senior population is growing,” said Steve Hopkins, CEO, Curo Technologies. “We needed reliable, ubiquitous connectivity to power our software to ensure that the necessary data is being transmitted to caregivers, without delay or interruption. KORE provided us with the seamless, multidimensional global network we needed to make this a reality.”

Curo utilizes sensors to transmit patient data across the KORE network to caregivers and family members via smartphone. The sensors primarily track motion and the movement of people within the home, for instance activity in the kitchen or bathroom. The data ensures peace of mind to loved ones and increases independence in seniors living alone. The sensors are installed in-home in a matter of minutes. The solution also allows for faster, lower-cost interventions in the case of a medical emergency.

“The partnership with Curo accentuates KORE’s continued leadership in IoT solutions enabling aging-in-place,” said Alex Brisbourne, CEO, KORE. “Safety and independence for seniors is the highest priority for caregivers and stakeholders. Serving as the technology enabler behind other successful brands, KORE’s comprehensive offerings for all aspects of IoT deployments help make innovations such as Curo’s possible.”

Curo CEO, Steve Hopkins, will be at the KORE booth (#6975) at HIMSS 2017 on Tuesday, February 21 at 1:30 PM ET to further discuss the partnership. KORE will be exhibiting at HIMSS 2017 February 19-23.

About KORE
KORE provides the connectivity and services that make the Internet of Things possible. Founded in 2003, KORE is the world’s largest managed network services provider specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) markets. KORE provides the critical wireless connectivity empowering application, hardware and wireless operator partners to rapidly bring new IoT and M2M innovations to market, with millions of active on-network units in more than 180 countries. KORE delivers choice, reliability and global native coverage through multi-carrier and Tier 1 carrier cellular and satellite network services – including LTE, GSM and CDMA - as well as advanced applications to easily manage IoT connected devices. KORE Position Logic software provides seamless location-based services (LBS) for businesses. KORE’s recent acquisition of Wyless makes the company one of the six largest providers of M2M/IoT services globally, inclusive of carriers.

About Curo
Founded by Victorian brothers, Matt and Tim McDougall, Curo uses sensor technology to unobtrusively monitor the wellbeing of elderly residents in their own home or in an assisted living environment. Activity data is collected, analyzed and then securely reported on mobile devices to care providers and loved-ones. The technology allows care-providers to optimize the quality and efficiency of their care, while providing relatives and friends with real-time reassurance of the well-being of loved-ones. Curo has established operations in the US and Australian residential aged-care market as well as the health insurance sector and is active with several client driven projects in the process of improving independence outcomes and supporting all stakeholders involved in that quest. Curo is nearly 3 years old with offices in Ann Arbor, MI and Melbourne Australia.

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