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KryptAll Launches Quantum Cryptography Project

To combat quantum computing encryption cracking.

KryptAll’s has entered into the next generation of encryption solutions by funding a research project to develop communication solutions that will resist quantum computer attacks.
KryptAll’s goal is to have the solutions available by 2021 to its clients.

Today’s secure encryption techniques rely on keys created by multiplying two prime numbers together. Brute strength attacks are not possible due to the amount of time it would take to crack the keys with present day super computers. This is projected to change as early as 2036 with Quantum computing causing present day methods of secure encryption to be obsolete; however, it will also provide much greater security with the development of quantum resistant algorithms and quantum cryptography. KryptAll’s quantum secure communication solutions protocol is being designed to use less bandwidth than existing methods while providing quantum cryptography.

The KryptAll quantum secure communications solutions protocol will employ encryption keys that rely on quantum mechanics. For example: when a photon travels from one position to another, it travels in an indeterminate orientation or polarization. This method is secure as it is altered as soon as someone tries to measure it. The random key numbers will be designed to be quantum generated for a one time pad with automated statistical testing.

If a key was encoded via quantum particles there would be no way to measure and/or eavesdrop on the key without changing it. This will cause instant detection and make the key useless to decoding.

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Lundi 12 Septembre 2016