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Minsheng Insurance Retains ConsenSys and BlockApps to build Blockchain Loyalty Reward System

Minsheng Life Insurance, one of China's largest insurance companies and one of the six national insurers supervised by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, along with BlockApps, the world’s leading Ethereum enterprise blockchain developer’s platform, and ConsenSys, the largest Ethereum development company, today announced plans to develop an employee appreciation pilot program for Minsheng Insurance on the Ethereum blockchain to initially support their salesforce and will expand into a company-wide solution.

Mr. Cheng Dong, General Manager of Data Technology Services (DTS) Department in Minsheng Insurance, indicated that “blockchain is the future technological innovation infrastructure for modern financial services. Moving forward, blockchain will provide the foundational layer for Minsheng Insurance to become the leading technology-based insurance provider in China. We look forward to this partnership with BlockApps and ConsenSys.”

Furthermore, Mr. Chen Dong added “Minsheng understands the power of blockchain technology and have identified many use cases that BlockApps and ConsenSys can help implement and improve our business. Creating a blockchain based employee appreciation and loyalty program for Minsheng is just the beginning.”

Eventually the platform will include the ability for Minsheng’s salesforce to continue their high touch interactions with clients thereby increasing loyalty and customer support.

According to Victor Wong, CEO of BlockApps, “We’ve seen huge demand in China for blockchain applications, and Minsheng is leading the way with the country’s first pilot-production deployment. They are setting an example for the entire Chinese financial industry on how to implement blockchain technology by working with partners.”

"Blockchain development within China and the rest of Asia has been growing rapidly.” Said James Slazas, Director of China Enterprise ConsenSys. “We are excited to collaborate on Minsheng’s initial steps on a long blockchain journey. This next generation system will help organizations with a large salesforce to motivate their employees. In turn, their salesforce will be able to provide exceptional customer support. We believe this collaboration on Ethereum will lead to fundamental changes within the insurance industry and beyond."

About Minsheng Insurance
Minsheng Life Insurance was established in 2003 with six billion RMB registered capital. With a people-serving mission and a user-centric mindset, Minsheng Insurance is committed to promote a new lifestyle. Minsheng Insurance continuously innovates to provide a diverse set of customizable services and products through multiple channels, covering a wide range of insurance types including life, health, casualty, and annuity insurance. Minsheng also provides “Special 6+1”, a rapid claim settlement service, first of its kind in the industry. Minsheng applies big data, cloud computing, mobile internet, and other cutting-edge technologies to its business and is actively exploring the use cases of the blockchain technology.

About BlockApps
BlockApps is the leading enterprise blockchain platform built on Ethereum. With hundreds of developers and over 100 paying customers including John Hancock, RWE and Fidor Bank, BlockApps STRATO is fastest development platform for building and deploying blockchain applications. BlockApps is the technology behind Microsoft’s Blockchain as a Service which we launched with our partner ConsenSys, and works with other global leaders such as Deloitte, Red Hat, and Canonical/Ubuntu.

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About ConsenSys
ConsenSys is a venture production studio that specializes in building decentralized applications (DApps), enterprise solutions and developer tools for blockchain ecosystems, focused primarily on Ethereum. Powered by smart contracts, and secured through encryption, our applications provide the benefits of transparency, auditability, and immutability that are unique to blockchain-based solutions.



中国上海 - 2016年9月23日
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BlockApps的首席执行官Victor Wong(黄永耀)说:“我们看到了中国市场对区块链应用的巨大需求,而民生正通过全国第一个将从试点开始到未来落地的项目引领着区块链潮流。这一项目将向整个中国金融业展示如何通过技术合作来实施区块链科技。”

“中国和亚洲其他地区的区块链开发正在飞速发展中”,ConsenSys中国地区企业负责人James Slazas说,“我们很荣幸能协助开启民生的区块链之旅,在初始阶段开发新一代的系统,用于帮助拥有大量销售人员的机构激励员工提供客户更好的服务。我们相信此次以太坊相关的合作会极大地改变保险业以及其他更多的行业。”




BlockApps是业界领先的基于以太坊的企业区块链平台。BlockApps STRATO是开发和部署区块链应用最迅捷的开发平台,拥有上百名开发者和超过100个客户包括John Hancock、莱茵集团和Fidor Bank。BlockApps与其合作伙伴Consensys一起开发了微软Blockchain-as-a-Service(BaaS)服务背后的技术,并和其他国际领先的企业如德勤、紅帽公司和Canonical/Ubuntu深度合作。




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