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Neuromation joins forces with mining solution provider, Giga Watt

Neuromation, an award-winning blockchain platform, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Giga Watt, the world’s first full-service mining solution provider.

Headed by one of the most recognizable bitcoin miners, Giga Watt provides a full range of mining services including equipment sales, maintenance and repair, and private blockchain servicing. The Neuromation Platform is a universal marketplace that helps to meet datasets, computer power and machine learning models, and is revolutionizing AI model development.

“I’m incredibly excited about Giga Watt’s partnership with the Neuromation team,” said Dave Carlson, Giga Watt’s CEO. “Neuromation will provide Giga Watt WTT members the opportunity to participate in the new world of supercomputing for Artificial Intelligence. AI Mining will be a great way to earn better crypto returns by supplying computing power that would otherwise be mining for regular cryptocoins.”

The partnership will see Neuromation fulfill its increasing demand for computing power. Currently, there are only a handful of providers with the powers to handle AI and they are extremely costly. Giga Watt has vast computing powers of GPU mining farms, while Neuromation provides a premium revenue channel for utilization.

“Neuromation has found a brilliant and strategic partner in Giga Watt, which reflects significant leaps the company has taken recently,” said Maxim Prasolov, Neuromation’s CEO. “In establishing and aligning ourselves with some of the most respected and serious players in the industry, like TaaS and Hacken, partnering with Giga Watt was a no-brainer.”

The partnership with Giga Watt begins in 4Q2017, with testing GPU capacity. After the testing period, the Neuromation platform will be powered with 40k GPU in 1Q2018. The platform will be launched in February 2018, and ready for AI practitioners in March 2018.

The project’s white paper.

About Neuromation: Neuromation is a tech company based in San Francisco, California. Its Neuromation platform is designed for the AI ecosystem and offers a much-needed solution to the industry by uniting market resources, the scientific community, and other parties in an all-in-one, user-friendly marketplace.

About Giga Watt: Giga Watt is a full-service mining solution provider offering a full range of mining services including equipment sales, maintenance and repair, and private blockchain servicing. Giga Watt previously operated under the brand name MegaBigPower.

Mercredi 20 Décembre 2017