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SWFT, The Best Way to Swap Your Digital Assets Lists on HitBTC

(December 16, 2017).

While bitcoin steals the headlines with its soaring price, there are actually many cryptocurrencies available to investors. The website CoinMarketCap lists more than 1,360 different types of cryptocurrencies, 626 of which have market caps over $100,000. Just as we exchange US dollars, Euros or English Pounds with other fiat currencies, the exchange between different types of cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly common practice nowadays, thus many cryptocurrency exchanges are rising in recent years.

But transaction fees between different cryptocurrency exchanges vary, and any single digital currency trading platform usually lacks trading depth, or supports limited cryptocurrency types. In this case, users are not only facing high exchange fees, but also taking currency fluctuation risk due to the absence of hedging instruments. When trading in large amounts, users have to register and manage the trade by constantly switching between exchange pages, to compare the transaction fee and transaction speed, or simply find a platform that supports the currency he needs to trade, which is a complex process and requires lot of time commitment.

That’s where companies like SWFT Blockchain come into play in this cryptocurrency ecosystem. This Silicon Valley based cryptocurrency exchange is a revolutionary crossblockchain cryptocurrency transfer platform. Embedded blockchain technology with big data, AI & machine learning, SWFT can integrate the world’s major exchanges to automatically find the lowest transaction fee and effectively achieve hedge risking. Through the SWFT APP, website & API, the platform access is designed to be as simple as one-button clicking, that allows users to operate easily. Individual users, commercial players, cryptocurrency exchange platforms and cryptocurrency companies can all be SWFT customers. SWFT is simply how digital asset exchange should work.

SWFT utilizes its own coin named SwftCoin to ensure transparent and efficient transactions. By using SwftCoin, users can enjoy discounts, that will further lower the transaction cost. SwftCoin, based on Ethereum, is a new decentralized blockchain asset.

SwftCoin is the service token for the SWFT API usage and blockchain solution services, but it is also designed to be the transaction fee for currency exchanges and OTC markets.

The founder of SWFT is Ramble Lan, who previously founded GooCoin, one of China’s first cryptocurrency mobile applications. As an early Bitcoin investor, Ramble has been tremendously involved in the blockchain industry development. Having successfully acquired more than 1 million users within 4 years, the core team members of SWFT have significant legal, operations, and business development experience. Alex Witt, an early cryptocurrency investor and advisor to SWFT, remarked that SWFT could become the Paypal or Alipay of cryptocurrencies, removing marketplace frictions, lowering transaction fees, and enhancing security.

SwftCoin has gained significant momentum and is launching on December 18, 2017 on HitBTC, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. HitBTC is a Europe-based cryptocurrency exchange that launched in 2014. As of December 2017, HitBTC had a daily volume of over USD 500 million, which places it in the top 8 exchanges in the world. SWFT is also working on collaborating with exchanges and OTC markets worldwide to facilitate adoption of SwftCoin.

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