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Silicon Valley Forum Announces 2nd FinTech Conference “Banking on the Blockchain”

Building on the runaway success of their 2015 FinTech conference, Bay Area nonprofit Silicon Valley Forum today announced their second FinTech conference “The FinTech Evolution: Banking on the Blockchain,” to be held on May 30th, 2017, at Swissnex in San Francisco, California. Conference speakers include Matthieu Soulé, senior strategic analyst at L’Atelier BNP Paribas; BlockCypher CEO and cofounder Catheryne Nicholson, and PwC’s FinTech lead Dean Nicolacakis—just to name a few. Where Silicon Valley Forum’s 2015 edition focused on a more general overview of FinTech’s disruptive possibilities, “The FinTech Evolution” will cover the specifics of the blockchain’s rapid rise over the last several years, and its profound effect on everything from real estate to insurance to capital markets.

“Our first FinTech conference was an unprecedented success,” said Silicon Valley Forum executive director Denyse Cardozo. “We realized that this isn’t just an emerging tech vertical—it’s an enormous opportunity for companies of all kinds. Blockchain technology is a rare space: since it encompasses a complete process, it truly has a role for everyone.”

“IBM believes that blockchain technology is poised to transform industries including banking and financial services by creating more trust and transparency in transactions,” said Michael Dowling, chief blockchain architect, financial services, IBM. “Working with organizations like the Silicon Valley Forum on FinTech Evolution, we are looking forward to hearing new ideas and innovative approaches to blockchain coming from some of the leaders in the space.”

Event details:
“The FinTech Evolution: Banking on the Blockchain” will open for registration at 1:00 pm and conclude at 6:30 pm. Tickets are available at the event page and on a walk-in basis (space permitting). Demo tables are also available on the event page, intended for startups working in the FinTech space.
This conference is presented in collaboration with IBM.

About Silicon Valley Forum:
For over 30 years, Silicon Valley Forum has fostered innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in Silicon Valley. We function as a center of knowledge and connections, covering everything from the latest tech trends to the startup and investment ecosystem. We have a long history of creating successful events, programs and conferences that educate, train, inspire, and connect technologists, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, innovation and startup hubs, and students—in Silicon Valley, throughout the U.S., and globally. We organize about 150 different activities per year, have over 20,000 subscribers/users, and work with over 40 countries worldwide. Our partners include global leaders Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, and SAP, as well as leading venture capital firms and service providers. Silicon Valley Forum is a fully independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

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Mardi 9 Mai 2017