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Snovio Lead Generation Service Qualifies for Token Rockets Blockchain Accelerator

Implementation of blockchain technology should help the Snovio International Platform to increase their database from 400,000 to 10 million unique contacts by April 2018, as well as improving the efficiency of the system for all participants – buyers and suppliers of potential customers’ data.

The Token Rockets Blockchain Accelerator, launched by the Starta Accelerator in New York, began working with the first startup on a program for implementing blockchain technology and conducting a token sale. The Snovio platform has qualified for participation in the accelerator, which includes such customers as Uber, SoundClound, Lenovo, Lego and others brands. The introduction of blockchain technology will allow Snovio to significantly improve the efficiency of their lead generation system – the supply of potential customers’ data for companies from different industries. An internal cryptographic token for the system and a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain platform will ensure transparency in data transactions, reduce transaction costs and provide accurate accounting, guarantees and equitable remuneration to all participants.

‘Significant increases in revenues due to providing customers with the latest information and creating a fully-fledged marketplace of customers’ databases for businesses will be an important result of the change to the work scheme. Many users are ready to share their data in exchange for other data, or simply to deliver data to the system in return for money, and to update their data constantly. Customers, in turn, are ready to pay much more for leads if the high quality and relevance of the data are demonstrated,’ comments Alexey Kratko, founder and CEO of Snovio.

‘Our first choice in the new blockchain accelerator was a company whose business model, based on blockchain technology, can lead to a radical improvement in results – both financially and from the point of view of customer experience. This is one of the prime examples of the new blockchain economy,’ adds Ekaterina Dorozhkina, Head of Starta Accelerator and Token Rockets.

Work on the transformation of the Snovio platform as part of the Token Rockets Accelerator has been under way since August. In October and November 2017, Snovio plans to issue 2.5 billion SNOV tokens on the Ethereum platform, raising up to $15 million. In the future, the turnover of the released tokens will grow as the volume of transactions in the lead generation system increases, since these tokens will be used for payment.

Starta Accelerator is a New York-based acceleration program that was launched by the Starta Capital Foundation in 2015. The mission of the program is cultural and business adaptation in the USA and integration into the investment ecosystem for technological startups from Russia and Eastern European countries.

Token Rockets is a program for startups which helps to implement or develop blockchain models within their businesses, as well as preparing and conducting crowdfunding campaigns to sell and distribute cryptographic tokens. The program is designed for startups whose business model is either based on or can be improved by blockchain technology. Starta Accelerator has partnered with the Waves Blockchain Platform for this initiative, as well as the Singapore-based Cross Coin, which has become a partner for cryptocurrency technologies.

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