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Stockchain offers cryptocurrency investors a one-stop solutions platform to manage their investments

Stockchain Foundation has launched a one-stop integrated market query platform that allows investors to check the cryptocurrency status across all exchanges at the same time. This index of market prices will enable investors to make more informed decisions about their investments in various blockchain-based projects.

More and more blockchain-based projects have been mushrooming all over the world and each project has different goals and purposes. To judge if it's a project worth investing in, it is important to know its mission, strengths and innovation. A good project is one that solves critical problems and also has the potential for development.

Currently, this industry lacks an integrated market query platform. StockChainCoin (SCC) solves this issue with its data distributed storage, decentralized permanent storage and all data sharing platform. It lets users check the status of various cryptocurrencies across all exchanges concurrently on its platform. To aid their investment analysis, users can also trace the data back to the past few years.

This is the first platform to use big data analysis to treat data processing between various trading pairs in various exchanges. SCC is also the first quantitative trading system that is open to users, giving them an index of market prices.

Regarding the wide applicability feature of InterPlanetary File System, it is a double-edged sword in terms of storage and performance. That's why it is just an expedient plan for SCC's transition period. Moving forward, Stockchain plans to develop its own blockchain for financial use. Once this happens, Stockchain will transfer the existing tokens and on-chain data smoothly to the STOCKCHAIN.

Stockchain is still in the process of developing its data distributed storage, it will first use IPFS then transit back to the public chain. This is a practical and ground-breaking method. The Chief Technology Officer of SCC has used IPFS for many years in tens of thousands of servers in 360, so users can be assured of the progress of the project.

Stockchain's Excellent team

Stockchain has an elite team consists of top investment banks, and big brokerage firms from Wall Street. The team has a very rich financial experience - this will have a positive impact on the SCC listing:
- Person in charge of the product: the founding product manager of Baidu search;
- Technical leader: the founder of 360 search engine;
- Sales manager: elite from Microsoft;
- Consultant team: includes professors and famous economists of the top universities in Europe.

This combination is extremely rare in projects that have been launched recently.

Professional tools

SCC's system includes market conditions, public sentiment, index, sectors, combination comparisons, project analysis, transaction analysis, and quantitative trading, which together make it a mature financial product. From reading index analysis, users can find out the big environment of day is up or down. The combination comparison offers a good guidance to invest money. The open quantitative trading tool - this 24-hour trading market belongs to aliens, and through this tool robots can fight the aliens.

The expected value of SCC

SCC is a project that is able to make daily contact with users. User can use their phones to check the market, read the news, view the data every day. This advantage will be reflected in the price of SCC. The various viewpoints will shared by big data.

SOURCE Stockchain Foundation

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