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The Crypto Finance Ecosystem

The crypto universe is booming, and finance is one of its hottest segments. While this data-based economy is maturing to become a worthwhile investment target for fiat investors, the ecosystem may be difficult for newcomers to navigate. In this article, Blackmoon Crypto will be your guide, mapping the main players in this and adjacent markets.

The diagram above shows four main sections of this ecosystem: The Infrastructure, Middleware and DevTech, and Applications sections form the foundation of the crypto ecosystem that makes the activities shown in the Finance section possible.

Despite the fact that we are using a finance-centric mapping approach, infrastructure comes first, and is represented in the upper-right corner of our map. This infrastructure consists of two main pillars: private and public blockchain protocols. Just as with the roads and bridges in a city, this infrastructure underpins the entire cyber economy that provides market players with all the needed resources to develop everything they can imagine.
Middleware and DevTech.

Using the blockchain infrastructure requires tools. The second layer of foundation in the map, shown below the infrastructure section, is middleware and DevTech. These are the technologies that are the basic building blocks of the crypto world. This includes data storage, computing power, and developer tools; all the way to privacy protocols, security standards, and more. With the help of these technologies and the companies that create them, you’re able to focus on your product.

Finally, we see a variety of applications which are used by crypto market players to communicate with other crypto enthusiasts with the help of social networks, and manage local communities with the help of GovTech. There are also applications from supply chain providers that help businesses fight against fraud and forgery.

All of this forms the foundation that supports cryptocurrency finances, as shown by the finance area in the center of the map. In this section, we see cryptocurrencies, or tokens, which can be issued with the help of such platforms as Ethereum, Waves, and others. Wallets are available across different platforms to make tokens easy and secure to use and store — whether mining them or buying them on exchanges. Miners work in the background to add new transactions to the distributed ledger in the blockchain, and exchanges allow you to buy available tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. Finally, analytics resources provide the community with relevant information and data.

With the proliferation of trade and the increasing amount of wealth stored in crypto currencies, asset management services have emerged to take advantage of the functionality of smart contracts. This industry is divided into two parts: platforms that allow users to create and manage funds (or participate in other’s funds), and professionally-managed crypto funds. Most of these services manage funds only inside the crypto universe, but some of them, like Compcoin, also invest in fiat assets. Of course, these asset managers need information to make knowledgeable decisions, so different resources provide news, analytics, research, ratings, and other resources.
The Blackmoon Crypto Approach.

Blackmoon Crypto combines the best of these asset-management qualities. For investors, we are developing a platform where you can invest in different professionally-managed funds that are transparent and legally compliant. For asset managers, we provide the IT and legal infrastructure they need to set up their own tokenized investment vehicles.

The Blackmoon Crypto platform not only combines the best asset management tools inside the crypto universe, but also brings the best fiat solutions and gives everybody an opportunity to participate. In addition to providing these resources, Blackmoon Crypto will launch our own funds using our platform as a proof of concept.

Our goal is to become the industry standard and one-stop solution for setting up tokenized funds, regardless of whether these funds are invested in the fiat or crypto world.

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