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Thomson Reuters joined the Hyperledger Project

Partnering with the Hyperledger Project to explore disruptive technology.

Earlier this year, Thomson Reuters joined the Hyperledger Project, the second of a series of explorations in distributed ledger technology (the first being our investment in Fluent, a financial technology startup offering a cloud-based financial transaction network).
What is a distributed ledger?
A distributed ledger is an encrypted public ledger that maintains a decentralized record of transactions; perhaps the most well known is the blockchain.
Joyce Shen, Thomson Reuters director of Emerging Technology Investments, provides some insight on the Hyperledger Project and why we decided to get involved.
What is the Hyperledger Project?
Joyce: The Hyperledger Project is a collaboration among technology companies, banks, startups, and the Linux Foundation to explore and create open standards for distributed ledger technology.
Why did Thomson Reuters decide to become involved with the project?
Joyce: Thomson Reuters has been building up our expertise in blockchain or distributed ledger since mid 2015. As we learn about the technology and how our customers think about potential transformative opportunities enabled by blockchain, we recognize there will be various distributed ledger platform developments underway. One of those developments is the Hyperledger.
As a trusted partner to our customers and in thinking about how to apply these innovations, we need to be platform agnostic and understand firsthand the evolution of this technology, as well as what the change could mean to business adoption.
Joining the Hyperledger Project is one example that allows us to gain insights into the development of this platform and informs us about our choices of technology. It also allows us an opportunity to learn how other participants in the project think about the application of blockchain.
What are the expected outcomes of the Hyperledger Project?
Joyce: One goal is to create a Hyperledger platform that is open source, which has a community of developers that will continue to contribute to its development. The second goal is to gather industry early adopters, such as the current members of the project, to build proof-of-concepts. Third is to advance the capabilities of Hyperledger in areas such as security and digital identity.
What unique knowledge, insight or expertise does Thomson Reuters bring to the Hyperledger Project?
Joyce: Companies are exploring and experimenting with emerging technologies such as blockchain to identify the most compelling use cases to enable their businesses. In this innovation process, our customers rely on the trusted information and insights we bring to the table to enable their workflows and decision-making.
For example, we’ll be working together with businesses to understand how blockchain might transform the ways that digital identity, digitized assets, and the future paradigm of data exchange could be formed and managed; we can help customers of our Legal business consider the future ramifications of legal contracts vs. smart contracts;  and we can provide financial content to smart contracts to improve the full life cycle of trade and settlement for a particular asset class.
For our customers and partners, these topics are not fleeting. Thomson Reuters is in the center of the conversation and well-positioned to work alongside them to investigate, learn, experiment, build, scale, and monetize.

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Mardi 9 Août 2016