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Tyler Droll, Former Co-Founder of Yik Yak, Joins the Relevnt™ Board

Relevnt™ has announced that Tyler Droll, the former co-founder of Yik Yak, has joined its board of directors.

Relevnt enables users to discover and connect with locally trusted news sources, lifestyle publishers, enthusiast communities and independent voices wherever they live and wherever they go.

“Given the huge success that Yik Yak had in building large, engaged audiences on college campuses across the country, we’re thrilled to have Tyler join our board. We are excited to leverage his experience towards driving a similar consumer adoption lifecycle with Relevnt,” said CEO Winder Hughes.

What’s really compelling for college campus communities is that Relevnt has designed unique ways of aggregating an interconnected network of local college media outlets and independent student voices in one experience. This allows them to be instantly discovered in new ways that were never accessible before.

“Relevnt is taking some of the core concepts that we had planned for Yik Yak and turned them into reality,” said Droll. “The notion of extending the interest graph into location-based communities is a very powerful idea. I’m also really excited about their work in the blockchain area and how tokenizing media engagement can energize local media economies.”

Relevnt is bringing its vision of location-based topics and conversations into the forefront of consumers’ mobile lifestyles. This is an opportunity for independent local voices to be instantly discovered and heard -- without the distractions of social media.

According to a recent article in Folio Magazine, “Geo-location and predictive AI will likely provide the necessary filter to help push contextually relevant, highly personalized media to the point of need or want. A user’s real-time location, situation, personal behavior will be the triggers for serving the right needs to rethink itself as a persistent companion or as a service that is relevant to specific times and places in someone’s daily life.”

About Relevnt
Relevnt is a location-based mobile network personalized by your interests. Discover great local voices wherever you live, wherever you go! To get relevant today, download the Relevnt app on Apple App Store and visit us at

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Jeudi 5 Avril 2018