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UDIAR introduces a brand new blockchain-based platform for online copyright recording and a marketplace of intellectual property exchange.

Everyone is an author. Everyone is a creator. Look around - everything you see was invented by someone, everything appeared from an idea, sketch, melody or even a word. Some of discoveries tuned out to be useless unfortunately, but the others broke into our life and firmly occupied main places. The greatest problem here are illegal encroachments that occur in every sphere, in every country, every day and seem to have no end. Many creators are not only unknown, but also deprived of hard-earned money, discouraged to work further or even to share their achievements.

Can you imagine a world free of stealing of your intellectual results? Join us and help to build one. We in UDIAR are ready to create a blockchain-based platform for online copyright recording and a marketplace of intellectual property exchange, where every author will be protected and can publicly share their works.

Decentralized Register of Copyrights
The UDIAR Distributed Blockchain Depository of Copyrights now being implemented will allow users to register their copyrights and confirm the origin or authorship of the object. Among them are: scientific works, music, works of art, texts of programs and technologies.

The owner of the work uploads the file to the UDIAR private blockchain register and a unique digital fingerprint (hash) is generated. Using our own private blockchain allows us to record and store large volume of data that exceeds the existing restrictions on popular blockchain networks. A hash with a date and time stamp and additional identification information is recorded at randomly selected periodicity in open (public) blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves.

The closed UDIAR register records all information about deposited objects: when, where and by whom they were created, who owned this object and the way it was used. This data can be used, in particular, to resolve copyright disputes. UDIAR stores the digital content of the object as well as its digital fingerprint. Anyone can apply for confirmation of authorship of the IAR Certificate Holder.
The UDIAR Blockchain Register ensures the integrity and protection of records: it is decentralized and distributed which completely excludes the risk of retroactive changes.
Transactions with cryptocurrencies

The UDIAR plans to allow users to buy and sell copyrights or licenses by paying in cryptocurrencies. This will circumvent a number of technological limitations when it comes to large transactions made through bank cards.

Marketplace of Intellectual property
The UDIAR Marketplace is a service that unites sellers and buyers from all over the world.
UDIAR provides the opportunity not only to sell ready-to-work developments, but also to order them on the open market in the same way as is now taking place on numerous freelance exchanges in the Open innovation Process.
Integration with existing intellectual property marketplaces
The project involves the development of an application programming interface (API) to interact with pre-existing digital sales sites like photo stocks, music-streaming services, online libraries and software stores.

Integration with social networks
Every minute, an enormous quantity of authored content is created in the world. We all create it using social networks. A very small percentage of this content has a real cost: photos and video footage of special events, professional articles and reviews, etc. At this point, the copyright protection of published content on social networks tends to be a really big job that is unlikely to be easy for common people. Especially if the dispute arises with a foreign resident. Integration of the UDIAR service with social networks will enable even the amateurs to record their copyrights in one click and, if necessary, to obtain documentary evidence.
UDIAR crowdsale
4 million IAR tokens are offered for the token sale. The ICO campaign starts on 20 September 2017 00:00 UTC and ends on 19 November 2017 23:59 00:00 UTC or earlier, if the goal is reached.
During the ICO, the token price is fixed to USD. The token price is set at a rate of 10 USD = 1 IAR
Token allocation is carried out by the UDIAR Foundation. The funds collected during the ICO will be allocated to an investment program according to the Project Road Map. The net operating profit after-tax (NOPAT) will be transferred to the UDIAR Foundation and form the development fund. The financial statements of legal entities established by the Fund will be available to the tokens holders. Another way of monitoring the Fund activities is to request the blockchain register and obtain any necessary information on commissions accrued by the UDIAR.
The development fund can be used to buy back tokens or to create and launch new projects in the intellectual property field. The decision to invest in such projects is made by reaching a consensus among the token holders.
The UDIAR Foundation commits itself to buy back any amount of IAR holders' tokens at any time at a price determined by the formula:
Fund Amount / Number of Circulating Tokens * Number of Tokens for buyback
Tokens purchased by the UDIAR Foundation will have to be destroyed.

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