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WISeKey to Establish a Join Swiss China Blockchain Center of Excellence to Deploy a Trusted Blockchain Platform in China

WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey”)(SIX:WIHN), a leading cybersecurity company today announced a project to establish a join Swiss China Blockchain Centre of Excellence to deploy a Trusted Blockchain as a Service platform.

WISeKey will work with experts in industry, government, and academia to address businesses’ most relevant Blockchain developments with practical, standards-based solutions using available Blockchain technologies. This dedicated center of excellence will conduct research, rapid pilot prototyping, co-creation of use cases and IP creation on Blockchain technology and platforms. The Swiss China Blockchain Centre of Excellence will recommend a Blockchain Platform to facilitate enterprises to swiftly adopt and on-board Blockchain based solutions and services.

WISeKey received a delegation from Beijing INTO Global Business Communications (, a company that connects Chinese tech investors with global innovative companies, organized hundreds of delegations to global innovative hubs such as Silicon Valley, Israel, Japan and Europe by visiting local tech companies and investors having as a goal the establishment of cooperation agreements and potential investments. Their network involves over 500 clients, including Internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and 360, leading public companies, start-ups and powerful investment institutes such as IDG, CIITIC PE, and Sequoia Capital China, etc. A delegation of top Chinese Tech investors and entrepreneurs visited WISeKey’s headquarters in Geneva with senior execs from CITIC Fund (managing $1.5 billion in assets), Ventureslab, Sinodata (SHE:002657), Insightcredit (a leading credit / financial institution), Chinese Youth Angel Association, Weshare Finance, Joy Capital and many more. This highly active and diverse group in the frontier of China's Tech innovation, will be seeking investment opportunities and potential partnerships with the best of Swiss and will be working with WISeKey on the Swiss China Blockchain Center of Excellence.

WISeKey will be cooperating with local Chinese companies participating at the center on building points of view, proof of concepts, policies, educational materials including addressing all the distributed ledger capabilities across different Blockchain schemes (public, consortium and private), with industry verticalization and domain specialization (IoT, transactions, messaging, etc.), underpinned by the best underlying technologies from startups, our key partners and from the community.

WISeKey will be localizing in China via a Joint Venture WISeKey China the WISeID Blockchain which is constantly growing as new blocks are added to it with a new set of recordings. Each WISeID node gets a copy of the WISeID Blockchain and gets downloaded automatically upon joining the WISeID network. Through the WISeID Blockchain app users are always in control of their digital identity stored on their mobile, IoT sensor and or computer and is only the user who determines which identification attributes are shared with social media, credit cards, merchant sites etc. never disclosing the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) if not required or necessary. WISeID uses Blockchain as a public, immutable ledger that allows third parties to validate that the original Identity or Attribute certifications provided by a Third Trusted Party has not been changed or misrepresented. Keeping control of Digital Identity is key to protecting user’s personal data. WISeID is also provided as a software development kit (SDK) to third parties wanting to use this method of identification for their identities requirements.

At the heart of this platform is the OISTE-WISeKey Cryptographic Root of Trust which has been actively used since 1999 by over 2.6 billion desktops, browsers, mobile devices, SSL certificates and Internet of Things’ devices. The OISTE WISeKey Cryptographic Root of Trust is ubiquitous and universal, and a pioneer in the creation of Digital Identities.

The WISeID Blockchain operates with the WISeID Kaspersky Lab Security cyber-resilience edition that uses the digital identification to lock personal data such as account usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and access PINs into a secure personal data organizer, creating accountable identities for online activity while the data itself remains protected in a secure cloud vault.

Mobile security threats are increasing in number and sophistication, with hackers looking for sophisticated ways to hijack mobiles for Bitcoin mining, or to trick mobile users into giving up their personal identity and bank account information. Even though mobile operating systems provide app developers with significant security features, hackers have still been able to exploit the massive installed base of Android and iOS devices, using many different infection vectors to place malware.

Among other things, WISeID keeps passwords in an encrypted vault, generates hard-to-crack passwords, and safely synchronizes data between computers and devices on multiple platforms, using secure cloud storage. The vault can be unlocked only with the user’s Master Password and/or defined pattern, with additional protection provided through facial recognition authentication. WISeID can be accessed online though a single click.


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